Fuchs’ dystrophy is a disease of the cornea and occurs when cells in the corneal layer also called endothelium die off. The cells pump fluid from the cornea to keep it clear. However, when the cells die fluids build up and the cornea get swollen and puffy and vision becomes cloudy and hazy. In this condition, people develop symptoms only in their 50s or 60s.Symptoms include glare, blurred vision that improves as the day progresses and pain or grittiness from tiny blisters on the surface of your cornea. Other symptoms can include distorted vision, sensitivity to light, difficulty seeing at night and seeing halos around lights.Fuchs' dystrophy can be inherited. The genetic basis of the disease is complex — family members can be affected to varying degrees or not at all.

If you have some of these symptoms that worsen over time, do fix an appointment with Dr Nita Shah at Aayush Eye Clinic and have a thorough investigation.