The VERION Image Guided System

LASIK eye surgery

Cataract surgery technology has taken yet another step forward. The new VERION Image Guided System is designed to help your surgeon customize and perform a procedure tailored specifically to your eyes with computer accuracy.

What to expect from your procedure

The VERION Image Guided System allows your surgeon to use high-resolution images of your eye and other critical information through out your entire procedure with image-guided precision. The system is designed to assist your surgeon in providing the visual results you desire and deserve.

Designed to keep your procedure on track

The VERION Image Guided System assists your surgeon in making sure everything about your procedure goes as planned.

  • First, measurements and images of your eye are taken non-invasively.
  • Next, your surgeon uses a series of complex calculations provided by the system to tailor and optimize your surgical plan
  • Finally,your tailored surgical plan is used in combination with the high-resolution images of your eye to help precisely guide every phase of the procedure.

Advanced technologies may be associated with some additional cost. Talk to your doctor to learn more.

Choose the precision of The VERION Image Guided System

The latest innovation from eye-care leader Alcon, the VERION Image Guided System is designed for one purpose : to help your surgeon give you the best possible vision after surgery. Take advantage of computer-guided precision for your once-in-a-lifetime cataract procedure.


LASIK eye surgery
  • Total visual analysis of optical system of eye within micro second. It rapidly fires a series of very small ll light beams into the entrance pupil which measures refractive power of eye on point by point basis.
  • Captures and processes corneal topography data.
  • Wave front data of cornea is combined with wave front data of eye to obtain lenti cular abbeuation analysis.
  • Real time visual image marking under microscope can facilitate the placement of toric IOL ( during surgery)

Leiss IOL Master ; 700

  • Allow fast, accurate measurement of eye length and surface curvature necessary for calculating power of lens to be inserted during cataract surgery
  • Directly measures the post corneal surface using SWEPT source oct.
  • With help of it we get fewer refractive surprises-

Octopus 600

LASIK eye surgery

Perimetry simplified

The Octopus 600 covers all your essential perimetry needs in an easy-to-use device: central field static testing, rapid screening a easy-to-read analysis software and the ability to network it with integrated EyeSuite software


Immediate identification of true change

Immediately identify levels of change with the EyeSuite Progression Analysis. It not only reveals whether change is significant, but also whether it is local or diffuse and how fast the change happening. For an effective clinical workflow, all results are displayed using intuitive graphical symbols and can be viewed directly in your office if the Octopus is networked.

Flixation Control

Perimetry you can trust

Enjoy the reliability of Octopus perimeters, for example with octopus fixation control which automatically eliminates fixation losses from your visual field testing.

Fully Equipped Operation Theatre

An air locked Operation Theatre(OT) for Microsurgery with state-of-the-art equipment like Carl Zeiss Operating Microscope and latest Phaco-Emulsification machine from Alcon (Infinity with Ozil Technology) with UPS back-up. The walls and ceiling are All Steel with interlocked panels (planned and executed by professionals). The flooring is Pastell conductive LG2 homogeneous Linoleum with conductive backing and anti-static properties especially for operating rooms (from Armstrong – International flooring specialists) sealed with corded welding for a complete seamless finish.

The junction of walls and ceiling are fitted with All Steel Coves and the junction of the bottom wall course and floor are fitted with Cove base(Armstrong) over which the flooring rides to join the Steel walls in a smooth curve to ensure hygiene and sterility...

We also have Air purification and fumigating systems that are regularly monitored by and independent laboratory to maintain an OT Sterility Audit. All the surgeries are assisted by experienced ophthalmic assistants and nurses. Anaesthetists monitor all patients in the OT with the aid of multi-para machines for blood pressure and cardiac monitoring along with Pulse Oximetry

LASIK Operation Theatre

The Laser Vision Correction Operation Theatre. The Excellent Wavelight EX 500 is housed in an All White Operation Theatre. The flooring is Pastell conductive LG2 like the Main Operation Theatre with Conductive backing and Antistatic properties from Armstrong. The walls and ceiling are covered with Wallflex an Armstrong product specifically for walls sealed with corded welding.The junction of the wall with the ceiling and floor are fitted with coves over which the flooring rides in a smooth curve. We have dedicated UPS system,Dehumidifier and Air purifier to ensure safety and sterility.

Sterilization Annexe

A separate Sterilization and cleaning annexe using a surgical sink with foot operated control for Betascrub and water (Mineral RO) for utmost hygiene. Purell Disinfectant is a hands free dispenser for hand sterilization. The Autoclaves are high speed and Flash Autoclave is used to ensure swift and efficient sterility of surgical instruments

Recovery Area

The recovery area is comfortable and the patients can relax on recliners after surgery.

Our clinic is also equipped with :

  • Haag Streit Slit Lamp with Camera for imaging(BQ900)
  • Lumera700
  • Carl Zeiss YAG LASER
  • Carl Zeiss Fundus Camera for Fundus Fluorescein Angiography and Photography
  • Carl Zeiss OCT for Macular Disease, Optic Disc and RNFL Analysis for Glaucoma
  • Auto Refraction on Nidek ARK 510A
  • Pachymetry with Quantal Medical Pachymeter for Corneal thickness for LASIK, Glaucoma etc
  • Oculyzer
  • Value Added Services viz. eye wear by Mes Lunettes
  • Vision therapy for squint & amblyopia (Lazy eye)
  • Anterior Segment OCT(AS OCT)
  • ->Anterior Segment Biometry
  • ->AC Angle Imaging
  • ->Corneal Thickness (Limbus To Limbus)
  • ->Anterior Chamber Depth
  • Auto Refractometer on Nidek
  • ->ARK 1
  • ->ARK 510 A
  • Applanation Tonometry(Slit Lamp Mounted & Hand held perking)
  • Wavelight Topolyzer Vario (Integrates Non Contact Topography, keratometry and pupillometry in single device)